Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blog Carnival at TherExtras~ Childhood Expressions

Childhood Expressions
is the theme for
current blog carnival on
child development.

Yes, it is a broad topic-- but then that lets more creativity flow? eh?

As I sit here and type I am not sure that this post will be a profound addition to the blog carnival, but it may just end up being the one that brings a smile to your face.

Smiles are good they increase your face value.

I know that when my son says, "Well, duh...." he is attempting to use the "sarcasm" skills that he hears his mom use.

I know that when I say to my husband "Well, are you going to go rope him in, or shall I?" That my husband and I are talking about whether he or I will go and disengage Shane from whatever he is involved in. (Nope, my husband doesn't use rope to tie Shane up-- although the thought of wrapping my son in bubble tape, has crossed my mind.) When we have had this conversation at church, a few eyebrows have been raised.

As my children have gotten older and smarter my husband and I have had to be cryptic with how we communicate-- we can no longer spell things out-- the kids can now figure out what we are talking about. We used to call ice cream, butter-- but the kids figured that out. Both of my kids are very observant-- they retain more "useless" knowledge than I would think possible.

Since my kids are in grade school, Shane is in First Grade and Jessica is in Third grade, the expressions that the kids use to talk to each other are different than they were last year. Shane will now mention every week or so about the name of his current girlfriend.-- Which freaks me out a bit... he's only in first grade!!! But then, this is just another expression.

I was having a tough time figuring out what to write, so I found some pictures that really "show" childhood expressions -- at least at our house!
I do think we pass our expressions on to our kids-- When I was a child my father called me his "wart"-- I sometimes call Shane-- worm boy and Jessica -- camo girl or camo princess.
Those expressions might bother some people, but they seem to be status quo here at our house.

So, anyway that's all I've got for this topic--

Thanks so much to Barbara at TherExtras-- her posts,comments and suggestions help make navigating the world of special needs kids-- less daunting.
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Anonymous said...

We should all stand in a circle and applaud each other, Stacey! Your family's expressions are priceless - both photo and verbal.


Bethany said...

I love the photos! It is so true how expressions children use, and those we use with children, change so quickly as they grow up. I had to request special permission from my niece recently to continue to call her Little Bit, which is the nickname I have used for her since she was about 9 months old. After careful deliberation it was decided that I was allowed to call her Little Bit, or Bit, but ONLY me. :) I have experienced the ice cream conundrum too - so far, for now pig latin works. And it is interesting to observe how much a child's expressions reflect those of their parents.

K- floortime lite mama said...

I love this - sooo cute your kiddos are
I especially love "worm boy "

JoyMama said...

What fun photos! I had to giggle about using "butter" as code for "ice cream" -- we did the spell-out thing for a while, but "i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m" sounds way too much like the actual words. I think it was among the first things my older daughter learned to spell.

Terri said...

Very cute... and those codes will become family lore that are fun to tell around campfires (and to boyfriends/girlfriends who are more than expressions... now I wouldn't do that--much anyway!)

Mrs. Mac said...

"Smiles are good they increase your face value." Great quote and so true! I enjoyed the post you shared with the blog carnival. Facial expressions can 'say' so much without a spoken word. Your pics are priceless!

danette said...

These are too cute :). I especially love the pictures, great expressions!