Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How do YOU get positive reinforcement?

Today, I finally went to get a check-up with my Dr.-- I haven't had an official check up in many years.
{I know I should of gone much sooner, I even know the things I need to work on.}
I have many excuses for this, but the thought that come September I turn 40, has motivated me to get up offa my butt.
I took my husband with me to the Dr. visit, I needed someone to help me be accountable, and although my husband has high blood pressure and diabetes-
-ah, hem... I knew that having him there would help me -- to listen and really HEAR what the Dr. had to say.
The Dr was kind enough...cough,cough to suggest that I get a Tetnus shot-- I guess she took one look at Jerry and thought I needed it? ha ha ... :)
She also suggested that I fill out the form for a living will -- which sounded good-- I do like to be prepared.
But, while I was waiting for the lab coated vampire to take my blood
I thought about how and way most people (mom's) I know don't like the Dr.'s office
there isn't much reward in it.
you pay the co-pay
you hopefully go without your kids
you get scolded?....admonished to live healthier
you get a shot...oh, JOY!
you get blood drawn... now, wasn't that fun?
you get to go purchase meds...FUN!
you make another appointment to be seen again
and then the process starts all over again.
Unless you are super healthy ~
how are you getting positive reinforcement
to come back to the Dr.'s office???

It's kinda like when you get a ticket and the officer says, "Have a nice day!"? really???
who gets a ticket and then puts a smile on their face and has a "nice"day???

So, anyway... that all being said~
I am going to live healthier-- I am going to move more and eat less.
I am going to hope and pray that my next visit to the Dr.'s is less depressing!


Anonymous said...

Hey Stace! When you're doctor gives you a high 5 for doing good I think you'll feel better about going back. They should've given you a sticker.... Oh man is your doctor's office slackin girl! Oh...guess who!

Kristi said...

I have my annual in two weeks, complete with an ultrasound to check on my PCOS. I get a scolding every year, mostly about weight gain. I feel your pain :(

HennHouse said...


I haven't been to the doctor since last summer when I had to go to the ER for chest pains. Although, that was a HUGE wake-up call. I'm training for a triathlon now.

Hugs to you.

Bethany said...

I reward myself after doctor's appointments - a tradition carried over from the rewards I would receive as a child for medical procedures and such. It is on a sliding scale - lab draws don't warrant anything more than an extra moment or two enjoying the sunshine unless it is one of those draws where the tech apparently needs glasses because I am so pale you can see right through me to the veins. Regular appointments might warrant a new song for my Ipod. Long, all day clinic type appointments and any painful procedure brings in the big reward - a new book (and sometimes a stuffed animal just because that was the combo I always got as a kid - a new book, a stuffed animal, and a bracelet after really painful testing or day long marathons at the hospital).