Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Day~

Well, yesterday wasn't the day I had expected.
The school didn't call -- yay! but when I went to pick up Shane-- I had to hear that he once again was kicking and aggressive with his IA.
At this point we are thinking that Shane is having an issue with his IA-- he seems to do well in other situations but when he is with the IA he gets aggressive and disrespectful. hummm.
We are also not giving Shane his allergy meds today-- just in case that is a part of the problem.
Last night Shane was not as willing to follow directions-- I had to go to the grocery store at get milk- and to figure out dinner.
{The dinner I had planned fell thru...} Shane hates going to the grocery store, and going at 5pm... well that was even more difficult.
When we were at the store Shane refused to make up his mind about what he wanted for dinner-- I had suggested a few things before we went -- but he was just not willing to even hear me.
Finally, I told Shane that he would have either a bowl of soup or cereal for dinner. He still didn't seem responsive-- I decided that I was not going to let his issues annoy me further...
I drove to the Mc'd's drive thru and treated Jessica and my self to a fish filet meal. When we got home I told Jessica that she was not allowed to share. Dinner was a quiet event-- which helped to calm me.
I don't know if it was the right parenting "ploy" I have ever used-- but it was the only thing I could come up with.
{I have a little person on my shoulder telling me that I should not of even given Shane a choice-- but hind sight is always 20/20?}
Jerry showed up after dinner was done-- he was back from his guided fishing trip, empty handed. There were four guys-- two of them from Jerry's work-- who caught fish-- and then Jerry and his brother Rick.
Not the day I had expected ~ The sunshine was nice.
The kids don't have school tomorrow and it's grocery day-- but -- Jerry is off from work so maybe we can divide and conquer the things we have to do?

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HennHouse said...

Sorry about the no fish...

We LIVE by choice around here. "Would you like this or this? I'll count backwards from five and then it will be my choice." It works most of the time. Although, not so much with the teenager. :)

And the time you spend regretting is time you're not preparing for the next thing.