Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Tuesday

It wasn't terrible, it wasn't terrific, he certainly wasn't timid, and no his behavior wasn't teeny.
But in the end he had the staff chuckling to themselves -- and maybe even smiling a bit.
Yesterday, I kept both of the kids home-- I couldn't figure out if they had colds or allergies-- It might not of been the best choice, but I wasn't sure that the kids weren't going to get worse. As it turns out I think Jessica has a head cold-- and Shane has allergies.
So, today they went back to school medicated--
Jessica had a great day-- she even received the beep-beep award so she came home with a wig-- (that makes me cringe and think of the octo-mom ...ewww)
And also here is a picture of me with my "new" red hair -- I wanted the sunlight on my hair to show the color, but it ended up making me wear my sunglasses and almost squint.

So, back to Shane-- and his "Day" he did fine in the early morning and then-- he got mad about something, or his allergies were causing him to have BAD behavior.-- Whatever the reason he ended up having a chair over his head, and then also kicking a teacher-- as the staff and I were talking about this at the end of the day-- none of us felt that his behavior was about hurting or threatening-- he seemed to want one on one attention and that was not a part of the schedule at that time.
Shane ended up in the SPED classroom, with no responsibilities other than sitting and being respectful. His SPED teacher was very clear with her expectations for Shane-- she didn't react to him when he was walking around and waving his arms saying
"What, now you aren't going to talk to me ever?"
"I'm talking to you and you aren't showing me that you are listening!"
then-- he looked directly at this AWESOME teacher and said
" Well, fine then I am going to stomp and march right 'outta this class" ~
he stomped to the door the whole time {staring his teacher down...} waiting for a response from the teacher.
His SPED teacher knew that he wanted adult one on one attention and so she was working very hard at NOT giving Shane what he wanted.

Honestly, I am SO very proud that his SPED teacher really understands Shane-- she was able to show him that his behavior was not desired, and her other students were VERY good at actively ignoring Shane. At one point his SPED left the room, after all of Shane's dramatics-- she needed to re-compose herself!

I think I really need to find an acting job for my son...
I also need to find a nice thank you gift for his SPED-- she really went the EXTRA mile with Shane today--

It was nice to know that the staff did get some laughs from seeing Shane in all his ..."glory?" Jerry and I have seen Shane like this before, but for the staff to see him trying so hard to get attention, and to clearly see how manipulating he was being-- I think it showed them that not all of his behaviors are work avoiding, some are simply an attempt for one on one adult attention!

His teachers and I all agree that he is very smart, and once his behavior gets under control, I think they want him to do more challenging work-- but at this point he is spending SO much time trying to disrupt anything & everything, that more difficult work will have to wait.

The teachers told Shane that tomorrow would be a new day and that he had an opportunity to have a clean slate.-- They also explained that if he was going to be a disruption again that he would have to just sit-- and not receive one on one adult interaction! I hope & pray his SPED teacher gets some good rest this evening and is ready for the dramatics that may happen tomorrow!

When Shane is like this, it makes me think back to when I lived alone and how often I would pray for a husband and kids-- gosh~ God does have a HUGE sense of humor!
He answered my prayers for a husband and kids-- but he also made it clear that I would NEVER be bored again!
Gee, thanks! :) Talk about God, showing up in your life?! :)

Tomorrow, Jerry is going to be gone all day on a guided fishing trip and I hope that I am able to stay focused on being a good, unmanipulated mommy! Wish me luck!


Bethany said...

So the wig was a reward? She does look a bit mini-octo-momish now that you mention it! :)I like your red hair, it look s really good.
Shane is too funny. He was so determined to get what he wanted, and he was making his teachers earn their paychecks LOL He is so smart and able to manipulate, yet he does require information to be given in a way he can process. A card with a short, direct instruction is a good idea - definitely laminate it (I have had kids rip picture cards, and one angry child literally ate my STOP picture card with red running down the sides of his mouth like a vampire). He needs to be accountable for his behavior in a way that is not reinforcing - is calling home at all reinforcing (getting to talk to you during the day)? If so then the written sentences seems like a much better idea. Hang in there, you are a great parent and you have two amazing kids - they just have different maintenance needs.

HennHouse said...

What a great teacher!!

And I love your hair... sunglasses and all!

Anonymous said...

Love your hair color. (Jessica's, notsomuch.)

I agree the teachers are awesome!

Yea, God is like that. ;)

Do you get to eat what Jerry catches?


Kerry said...

Well Well
Jessica I think you need to review your recent hair day. We never knew it could grow so fast. We were suprised that you would pick black. Your gray hairs will show much faster with black hair. Look at grandpa.
Lots of love to all.
grandpa and Grandma

Anonymous said...

Oh man I'm laughing so hard! It took me back to the first time I ever reallllly met Shane. He's come so far. Both of them have. God does work in mysterious ways and gives you what you need. I think you are a great mom Stace and God has given your children you. I love you. Guess who!

Kristi said...

I really love how positively you talk about your kids, even when the days are rough. How blessed you are to have such a great teacher. Teachers really do make such a difference.