Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Sunday at home

So... Shane has a cough and allergy like symptoms-- and Jessica has a sore throat-- I figure that we will do church at home -- in the hopes that we can "recover" before we have to return to school.
I wanted to go to church and show off my red hair, but I think it's better to stay home.
Monday Jessica has an orthodontist appointment, then Tuesday Jerry is off from work, on Wednesday Jerry is gone fishing on a guided trip all day.

I am going to go and write up Patty's suggestion for Shane and send it off via email, I love having a ..."mentor" mom like Patty who is always right?write? ha ha
(Nah, I love Patty's ideas, I just get jealous that she figures my stuff out before I do!)

Gotta Love Spring time in the Northwest where pollen rules... ?

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Anonymous said...

Ah Stace! I love you too! Besides my kids are grown up ( now and it's always easier seeing what's going on with someone else than with your own you know. Besides I'm not always "right" but hope I'm close. And you know I love your kids. I think the problem is with the adults who want all the kids to conform and not the kids most of the time anyways. Hellooo! I just wish we didn't have to give them labels so people would pay attention and not treat them like they are different just because they don't all behave perfectly. Don't be jealous. Some day you'll have it all figured out just as your kids need advice from mom. Maybe they'll listen...haha! Smoooooches! Me