Saturday, April 10, 2010

Random things for today--

I am glad this week is over--
I learned some lessons this week and I think it's time for some relaxation.
(I have shopping.baking and coffee drinking planned!)

I spent some time at the school on Friday, Shane and his IA are not working from the same rule book-- he doesn't seem to be seeing her as an Authority figure. His special ed teacher is going to try to observe and see if she can give the IA some pointers. The staff see how smart Shane is, but sometimes they forget that as smart as Shane is-- he still needs clear simple statements.

My suggestion was to have a card with simple but clear words on it-- When Shane needs a re-direct then instead of saying Shane... Shane look at my face,
we [merly]sp? have to had him a card that says, STOP, LOOK at ME. -- That way he has to read what we want him to do, and hopefully that will motivate him to FORGET about his previous wrong behavior?

My dear fiend/ err I mean friend Patty...LOL Just teasing... suggested that when Shane gets a referral at school, he has to hand write a few sentences of what he did wrong and then instead of me coming to the school or calling home on the phone,~ at the end of day he has to give me the sentences and I read and sign the card, then I send it back to school -- That way Shane has to do a few things that he dislikes, he has to write sentences, he also has to explain what he did wrong, and then he has to show Me...

on another topic-- The Hennhouse could use prayers-- Karin's Dad is in the hospital ~

Some friends of mine,Terry and Hop-- have had their dog Rocky for about 16 years, this weekend will be his last--(he is in poor health)
Rocky is more than a dog he was a member of the family and I will dearly miss him. The only bright spot about this is -- that he will be in heaven with some others that LOVED him who have already passed away.
I am also looking to possibly buy a laminater-- any suggestions???

Shane, and I seem to be having a battle with allergies, or we have the same cold.

grrrrr.... Yesterday, I had to pick up garbage for the second time this week-- there is a dog in our neighborhood that doesn't like to stay home!

Jessica's teacher showed me a game that was fun and educational-- it's called Ravenhearst -- It's a hidden object adventure-- Jessica,Shane and I played it yesterday for about an hour-- it was a GREAT way to interact with the kids-. The disc I bought had other games on it... one is called Amazon the hidden expedition-- maybe later today we will check that one out. I am normally not fond of computer games, but at least these have vocabulary words that you need to learn.

There was a liquidation sale last night and I convinced Jerry to go and shop for a digital camera-- he bought the same model,but different color as mine-- that way we don't have to have any new software! And I can tell him how to use it a little better than the manual explains things! (Jerry takes pictures on his cell phone when he is fishing and hunting-- it will be nice to see a better larger version of the pictures he takes!)

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TheRextras said...

I kind of liked Patty's suggestion but not sure you did - ?

Praying for the HennHouse Papa.

Get well soon! Enjoy your weekend.