Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Walk part two...

Shane and Jessica stopped to read the information at our half way point.

If you look closely you can see pigeons on top of this roof?

As we were walking back to the car, we saw these pigeons flying around and around (the top of the house) like they were in a mid-air NASCAR race-- then they landed on the roof.

Shane.... had enough...

I guess there was or wasn't enough sensory input? Or maybe his sickness was bothering him?
Whatever it was, it sure slowed down the walk and irritated me...
Note to self: next time walk with adults -- or be willing to go at someone else's pace. !


Bethany said...

I like the pictures from your walk. I think Shane may be on to a new fashion trend with the metal bowl hat and the golf club walking stick. :) Yes, I am commenting on all 3 of Sunday's posts on this one because I am lazy like that! Putting the coffee pot in the fridge - that sounds like something I would totally do! I frequently try to answer the remote control when the phone rings. Bonus points for kids who can puke in the toilet! My niece gets car sick and is still learning to hit a garbage bag with accuracy - my poor brother's car has taken some nasty hits. You are a better mother than I would be, because when Shane laid down at the end of the walk I would have so wanted a piece of chalk to outline him ;) I am bad like that. And even if your daughter is a nerd, not saying she is, nerds totally rule the world! And I think some of that made sense! ;)

TheRextras said...

You are way faster than me with posting! Can't believe I am so behind!

Hubby and I were slow to remember - 'tis good to split up the kids and just be with one at a time. Now - no choice - time passes fast!

Bethany's comment (hehe! chalk outline!) reminds me to tell you to go look for Temple Grandin's talk on TED. Barbara