Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Walk... part one

grr... I wanted this post to be
more organized, but that ship has sailed...

Shane at the half way point of our walk... finding out that he had lost some time, because he was complaining.
We stopped to read the signs, and Shane took a "sensory break?" he hit his golf club against the cable, and was happy to hear the twang and feel the vibration.

We are very near our local airport so we got to see three planes get ready to land-- They were so close we could see the name(Allegiant Air) on the side of the plane and the landing gear!

We saw some their "natural habitat"

The weather is so nice, not super warm and not windy or cold , I wanted to go on a walk-- Jessica did also -- Shane, he wanted to stay and play video games. I made him a deal, he would quite complaining and go on the walk then after he could come home and play for 45 minutes, but if he continued to complain he would loose 5 minutes for each complaint! He ended up with 30 minutes.

we went to a wetland nesting and habitat area
This is how we started our walk... I told Shane he needed a hat-- he decided that he needed a metal bowl,a golf club and a yellow tennis ball. Jessica~ she followed directions and got a hat.

Jessica was bored, while I was trying to get Shane motivated to walk-- so she wrote out some homework on the sidewalk ~ am I raising a nerd? or just a really well behaved daughter?

Jessica made a "natural necklace" with daisy's from our front yard.
more pictures to follow in another post... that will hopefully say more organized. :)

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