Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yup, we didn't do much!

I had high hopes, I also had high expectations for this weekend--
I wanted to go for a walk with the kids,I wanted to go to church, I wanted to do some sewing... instead we stayed home.
Shane hasn't been feeling well-- his eyes have this weird look-- like his face is a bit swollen and so his eyelids are not like they normally look.

He even fell asleep on the floor in the living room yesterday!

Yup, that is a measuring cup, by his face--

that is known in our house as a puke/choke bucket--

and ... no I do not use it for anything else! :)

(I honestly think that he is growing

and this is what happens

just before he has a growth spurt--)
Oh, Joy...
at least the little bugger
(I say this with LOVE)
has learned to puke in the toilet...
Oh, Joy!!!
I have learned that if he pukes, then after he is finished and he claims to be all better, set the timer for an hour and then if he hasn't puked again-- he can have a bit of food.

He had a fever for a short while, but not long enough, to worry about.

Jerry is in the middle of working 8 twelve hour nights in a row-- so I was not willing to leave Shane with Jerry-- while he sleeps and then just go and do what I wanted with Jessica.
ah, well Thank GOD tomorrow is school-- if Shane is puke free for 12 hours-- he's going to school and I WILL be going walking! :)
I just wanted to say thank you LORD for movies--

I watched Thelma and Louise yesterday, which made me smile-

(and wish Patty &Katie,and I could hang out)

- and today the kids watched WALL-e --

which made the kids smile and dance...
One of these days I need to share with..
ya' all a short video of my kids "dancing--"
it's err-- funny
I figure that if the kids are Not for Profit, then I can get at least a TON of Joy... by sharing them with all of you... (and laughing at/with them !)
This morning I was getting my first cup of coffee and asking my Jessica for her help-- she is such a marvelous mother's helper!-- I almost put the coffee pot in the fridge! I swear the smile on her face was so huge-- not only did she laugh at me, but the darling child was also nice enough to give me a high five! Such kids like this ... make my heart warm

So, I guess, in the end I did profit from this weekend...
just not in the way I had hoped.
Makes me think of that verse in
Hebrews 11-1

My cousin's family is back from helping out in Haiti today, I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about their trip-- they were posting once in a while on Face book -- and it's clear to me that this was an amazing God filled time. I wish I could of gone.

By the way... if you haven't been to TherExtras--

do stop by and check out her blog carnival--

it's food free-- :(

but smiles,laughs and good cheer aplenty!

Grrrr... may I just say that sometimes blogger really gets on my nerves? I tried to put a link for each of the movies we watched,along with the TherExtras blog-- but it seems like only one is going to show up... I also tried to not have so MANY spaces in my text-- but each time I delete the spaces -- they seem to reappear!
grr... I should quit this post and go do something really productive.--
hummmm... food ? or laundry? or sewing? or reading? or hopping over to FB?
I do need a personal assistant to keep me on task. :)

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