Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let's Focus on the Positive!

Well, life is never boring at our house!
I am putting a positive spin on things,
because if I let ALL the negative get to me--
well, let's just move on shall we?
Movin' on.... :0)

First the Good things...
I have been able to exercise every day this week!!!!
thanks to my Aunt Sue,
who lives in a place that offers a pool and workout room.
[The weather has been very windy, rainy and dramatic -
- so having a place that we can exercise is AWESOME]
(We have been working out together, it's nice to have a partner in this journey to get healthier! )
The letter about my test results from the Dr. said that I am mostly normal !!!
My cholesterol is on the high side of normal,but I am not diabetic and my thyroid is fine!
So, really if I get my weight and my high blood pressure down then I might be somewhat...typical!!!!!! Typical yahoo.... Typical!
On a suggestion from a really cool chick...:)
Barbara @TherExtras, I purchased the book Autism and Alleluias , by Kathleen Deyer Bolduc
It may only be 140 pages, but I'm already at 114 and I have laughed and cried-- This book would be a GREAT gift to a caregiver of a special needs kiddo.-- My son Shane "only" has SPD, but sometimes it takes a book like this to see the light shining thru the trees. thanks Barbara for the suggestion!

Okay... now on to
the Not, so great things~
Today, Shane was aggressive and physical with two different adults. Although it is clear that he is remorseful, his disrespectful attitude and words are of concern. (and also the physical aggression) He now complains that he hates school and that he just wants to be home schooled. I have tried time and time again to explain that, I WILL not be homeschooling him-- that ship has sailed-- I know that I do not have the patience to teach my son-the way he learns best-. At this point I believe that he (and I) will achieve a better result if he is at school interacting with his peers. Tomorrow Shane's SPED teacher is going to be able to observe Shane in his regular classroom with his IA--. I think her plan is to observe without his knowledge-- Shane is so smart that he will often put on a show for adults--. He is such a seeker of attention!
The staff is working at having a meeting of his regular teacher,his SPED teacher,myself and some other specialists... that might have some new suggestions for us.
He clearly is respectful to his SPED teacher, and he is getting more and more respectful to the principal-- but -- when he is with his IA, it doesn't seem like a good fit. He is somewhat willing to behave for his classroom teacher-- but I think that with the IA-- in the same classroom-- things get lost in the chaos of the room.
I am not sure how to help my son-- in the past I always had an idea or some suggestions-- but now I am out of ideas-- Shane is talkative to the nth--degree (is that even a word?)-- about video games or whatever-- but if you ask Shane , "Why did you choose not to control your body at recess, or ask for help?" your answer is nothing.. and then a shoulder shrug.
I just want the key to unlock the secret of why Shane is like he is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This year the school has been very flexible, and willing to see my comments as a part of the process-- I just hope that I can figure out something productive to come to the table with.
Any Suggestions?

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