Wednesday, March 24, 2010

At the Park with Daddy and friends Spring Break version

Jerry the kids and I,
 along with some friends went for some outdoor fun at the park...  I think Jerry was shaking the giggles out of Jessica!

 I think Jerry also had to shake some giggles out of Shane...

Jerry was "helping" the kids learn to throw the Frisbee...
And then  someone came to share their horse with all the kids... notice Shane on the scooter... he liked the horse, but since it didn't have wheels-- or a motor he wasn't that interested!
This is Jessica and her friend Lex.... well her name is Alexia but Lex seems to fit her so much better! Lex is a year older than Jessica but Lex's mom is height challenged(she's short)  :)

This morning the kids let me sleep in for a while and were happy to play Monopoly-- or at least they were playing their version of the game!
Sorry about the Jammie's and the underwear... :)
Jessica had some OJ in a coffee cup....  she sure looks happy to me!

Since it is Spring break I am putting my thoughts aside and just posting pictures and captions-- Maybe when the kids are back in school I will get some thoughtful posts up.


Anonymous said...

Take it you are feeling better!

Love the pics! Barbara

HennHouse said...

My goodness, Jessica is looking so grown up!