Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Art's Umbrella ... Symphony Safari

Do you know about Art's Umbrella
They are a great organization that help bring the ARTs to kids-- and kids to the ART'S~
(this is Miss Pond, she was watching her "charges" so intently... ) awwww!
This is Mrs. Kreider--(Jessica's teacher) she was writing out beep-beeps for her students that were doing a GREAT job of staying sitting and being focused on the stage!

Both of the third grade classes went to see the Symphony Safari...
It was lovely to watch these kids perform, it was really cool to see how the third graders reacted-- some were fascinated, sleepy, some I think were overwhelmed with how much emotion they felt.
It was a really great program!
I got to share with quite a few of the kids, how I played violin from third grade all the way until ninth grade, I also talked about how my Dad, went to South Eugene High..(which is where the program was held)
 I talked about how my Dad played bassoon, and how he was probably second chair in the state. I talked about how some conductors are really dramatic and fling sweat everywhere- :) - one of the girls was interested in all the different parts-- she couldn't seem to focus on just one thing-- I suggested that she close her eyes and listen-- she did and I think it really helped her to hear More...!
It was a great field trip and when the kids go back to the school-- they got a classroom beep-beep from the principal ... they only need to get one more and then the class earns a reward, like wearing Jammie's to school or having a tech party...


Anonymous said...

Stace you are so good with the kids! Almost makes you want to go back to grade school. Only if you were my teacher though. I love you! Me

HennHouse said...

Sounds like a great program. What age to kids start to play musical instruments in your school district? When I was growing up it was fifth grade. Isaiah started in sixth.

Maddy said...

That sounds just fabulous - as well as the rewards but we'd sure have a hard time waiting in that queue.