Saturday, February 27, 2010

Now, Patience & Boundaries

VERY Often when I post here, it's all about what is happening with my kids--
 it's not usually "well thought out--" ah hem...
but I figure if you just read it -- eventually it might make sense?
And if it doesn't-- then I take comments... and questions. :)
I like to read other people's blogs, to remind myself that
I am not the only one in the Whole wide world who...
would rather hang with my kids than...
 do what you want me to do-- because you think that I need to do what you want...
 I think that life with kids is so full of guilt ... am I doing this right, will they hate me when they are old, will they every be "normal", is their "normal" enough?, am I enough for what they need?, .
But I also think that sometimes boundaries are IMPORTANT...
 I think that if  I choose to focus with  what others' might see as Obsessive Complusive Disorder on my kids, then fine... I choose to do, what I deem to be the very best for my kids. :)
Learning to say No is key for my sanity...
Learning to say, I am only able to do this-- and stick to IT!
Learning to say, I'll do that tomorrow?
Anyway... when I was reading some blogs this morning,
while waiting...impatiently for my dear hubby to awake (and help ME with a task, that takes two people...) 
 I am learning that I need to be as patient with others'
                             as I WISH they would be for me.
We are trying to down-size and we have found some new homes for our plastic outdoor play structures--
I want to deliver them NOW, but my dear sweet hubby is sleeping, he was asked to work this evening.

(Well.,..bless his heart--as Missy @ It's only Naptime might say...)
bless his heart that he said Yes, to helping another,
 bless his heart that he is working an extra day-- we can use the extra money...but ...
bless his heart that his wife, needs him!
(to WAKE UP!)

There is also a Tsunami warning for the Oregon Coast, apparently there was an Earthquake in Chile. I'd like to drive to the coast and
see what Mother Nature has up her sleeve.(uh, er NOW!)

I'd like my kids to do their chores now, and with out complaint--
 I'd also like my kids to play together and make compromises....
But, I am learning .... that maybe I need to be patient?

In the past I have worked at the school's book fair, this year I was very vague about committing to helping, and although I feel like I am doing something GOOD for my kids--
 I still hear that little voice in my head saying... go and know you want to-- who cares if they say mean things about you when your back is turned, you are doing this for the "good" of the school, who cares if they ask you why you don't just parent the way they do? 
I am sure the book fair will be great, and maybe I'll enjoy the book fair MORE as a spectator and customer not as a overworked, under appreciated volunteer.

I just want to be like Melody at Slurping Life  (Can I have dessert first?)


Anonymous said...

I wanted to say "there's a tsunami warning" first but then I thought that was impolite to focus on that when you need me NOW! LOL I know I'm already over two hours late. I love you Stace. I think being a parent helps with learning patience but somehow it seems like there is more to wait for as well. I love you. RIGHT NOW! Patty

Anonymous said...

Very cool post, Stacey! Very.

Betty Frame said...

WOW I lovede your comment in childlife about the Capybara snooze..Now I know why I have trouble remembering...our three kiddo's zapped my brain at birth too ,I think being a grandma present at birth counts for brain zapping too ! nice blog,I'm subscribing and I'll come back later and read more.have a great day

betty said...

loved your comment at Childlife on Capybara snooze. now I know why I have trouble remembering..3 kids zapping brain at birth and present during delivery of difficult birth for 1st grandchild super zapped you blog,I'll return

HennHouse said...

Great post! My favorite line, " I am learning that I need to be as patient with others as I WISH they would be for me."

Oh, do I need that lesson, too!!