Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Weekend ended up a dud...but I have GREAT KIDS!

I woke up feeling yucky... Jessica didn't look good when I saw her and then Shane had what I like to call...allergy eyes-- so we decided to stay home from church--
Which was a good thing because I ended up puking and the kids had to take care of me ! - Jessica even cleaned up after me-- Shane helped by not arguing with me-- or his sister. I am SO blessed that the kids were able to help me... when I needed them!
This afternoon I had to go and buy milk, I told the kids they could ask for something as a treat while at the grocery store-- they picked lean pockets!    Me, I would of picked ice cream!
We are home now and watching the movie Up... It is SO very funny-- 
Jerry painted part of the bathroom and I think,that means that we are a few days till we move back in to the bathroom!


HennHouse said...

I'm so sorry you are sick, but what great kids!!

Anonymous said...

I was afraid of that Stace! I love you and hope you feel much better. I'm so proud of your kids. You are a great mom and they know it and love you so very much. I'm proud of you too. It's me!!!!