Saturday, February 20, 2010

Book review, and Changes to come?

I love to read,and I have already finished reading the book I just received in the mail--
Not Just Spirited by Chynna T Laird
 I experienced tears,smiles,nods of that's happened to us.
As I was reading the book I thought, if I should journal about our story as I read?  There were many things about her book that we also experienced-- she (Chynna) put into words some of the things about SPD that I had yet to admit.  
I thought about my childhood and -- I have to say that looking back I could say that I do myself have sensory issues-- I don't enjoy how velvet feels-- I can't stand the feeling of nylon underwear...I don't like being in large groups, the amount of light in an environment can make me either happy or frustrated. I know I have food issues, :)-- .  I already know that Jerry has ADHD, as does my big brother and my Father--. After thinking about all these things, I felt some guilt-- and then I tried to let it Go... my prayer as I go forward is that the changes we make are positive and helpful-- that our purpose is to help the kids to be the best..."them" they can be. I know that the best will be different for each of the kids--
Now that I have read the book, I can't figure out who to pass it along to--
 I was thinking of Shane's teacher-- but then -- Chynna's daughter has SPD more acutely than Shane-- and although I enjoyed reading this book-- Shane's teacher may not have the time to read it -- or be interested in the whole book.
The Special Education teachers might really be interested-- but I know that their reading time is at a premium.
I have been reading some new(to me) blogs that have a focus on SPD and learning to make life with an SPD child easier--it's an eye opening experience-- I used to think that I knew a good portion of information about SPD-- but reading Chynna's book and some of the blogs-- I find that I am only just beginning to learn about SPD. 
I am learning that,   if I step up to the plate and do more research-- I might have better results with Shane-- .
Other people like to learn about cooking,or fitness, or gardening-- I want to spend my time learning more about how--- to make life better-- for Shane and our family.

When I started this blog,it was because I would read Michelle's posts at In the Life of a Child,she wrote with such wit and humor -- she wrote about the good and the bad. 
As I read -- I thought how it would be fun for friends and family to read about my kids-- and the funny things they said or did-- I thought that our struggle to deal with the aftermath of Jessica having E coli -- might be informative to others. I really didn't think that Shane having SPD would be such a motivating force. I wanted to post pictures here--so that I didn't have to email  pictures to so many-- I thought that if I had a blog-- it would be like one-stop shopping.
Now, I feel differently-- I have learned so much from writing here-- I have learned that I need to write and then read  and re-read (even edit, or double check my links...) before posting, I have learned that I can help others-- I have learned that others can  help me-- I love reading how other people deal with tough stuff in their lives-- I love getting free stuff -- just by adding my comments! I really love when I get comments on here --
 I like knowing that someone else can laugh and cry, pray and smile at our wacky life.
I am thinking about some changes here-- and I am open to suggestions and comments or you can leave a comment below --

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Anonymous said...

Stace! I love you soooo much. Either you just made me cry or I'm PMSing. Or both who knows for sure. I just wanted to tell you how you mean to me! Patty