Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guys and Dolls,sickness and still waiting for the new shower

Shane's teacher knows "people" who are connected--
to the Wildish Community Theatre/Rose Children's Theatre
They allowed both of the first grade classrooms and the two third grade classrooms
 to come and see some small "vine-yets" of the Guy's and Doll's production
All the kids that were performing were either in Elementary,or Middle school--
It was really amazing how hard these kids had obviously worked on their parts--
Shane,Jessica and I sat in the VERY front -- we were so close that we could touch the performers;
I could see the make-up that everyone was wearing,
 I could see the costumes that needed a bit of mending. :)
The directors told us to do our best to laugh when we felt like it and sing along if we knew the songs.
Shane was so enamored with the performance,he was clapping and singing along-- I honestly think if  they could of given him a microphone and some lines he would of fit right in!
I think that the next time there are try-outs for a production I will try and get Shane motivated to try-out!
As a mom I worry often,  about how "the public" views Shane--
it was nice to have an outing, with the remarks about Shane's behavior, be positive and inspiring!
Our bathroom is still apart-- Jessica and I are still suffering thru a sinus thing--
Last night Jerry had to go and fill in for awhile at work--
 he took a two hour nap and then went and worked about 6 hours--
Neither one of us felt up to the task of getting the kids to school, and Jessica started out the morning with little or no voice -- so we decided to take a sick day and stay in.
It is SO nice that my brother-in-law Rick is able (and skilled)  to come and help work on the bathroom.

This is a group of third graders and first graders, waiting for the buses.

this is the very small theater~

 This is just apart of the cast.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! No shower??! Well you have to stay home then anyway..LOL! I think you sent me the sinus thing. It must be the weather. I miss you and I hope you all feel better and get to be clean soon. Patty

HennHouse said...


Guys and Dolls was one of my MOST FAVORITE musicals in which I had a part! Love the music from that show!

And I hope you and Jessica are on the mend SOON!