Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More shower exciting! ?

one side of the shower-- the blue part is waiting to be plastered-- or something like that... My head is getting foggy again so I can't remember the correct term.
the other side of the shower...
Although the tub is installed and the water is back on -- we aren't yet using this shower/tub combination.More odds and ends of things to do still --
Tomorrow, Both Jerry and Rick are taking a day off -- Jerry is going fishing, and Rick is working at our church-- which is also in the middle of a remodel.--

Jessica has learned how to use the blow dryer-- and I told her to help her brother  ~ so I let her dry Shane's hair-- I am impressed that my kids were able to work together!

I am also in need of $410,000.00 dollars.
There is a house for sale that has
 6 bedrooms,3 baths,approximately 3,260 square feet, .97 acre lot, taxes about $3,290.51
it has a semi circle driveway, hardwood floors,lots of built in's, breakfast nook ,indoor laundry huge bonus area upstairs and a large living room with fire place!
I drive by this house very often and I have even daydreamed about living there--
When I stopped to get the information page today,
 Shane told me that if we bought the house, then we needed to adopt some kids--
 he was really flexible-- he said some boys and some girls, between the ages of 6 and 8--
So, I guess I need to just get the money and the training and paperwork all together? LOL
Gosh, it would be lovely to have that house, but I don't think that it's in the cards at the moment!

time to go and sit on the couch and watch the TV without paying too much attention!


Anonymous said...

Well girl I guess you need more money than that if you get all those kids and that house. You'll definitely need at least two housekeepers. Unless you suddenly sprout wheels and clone yourself. I love you. Feel better too. Patty

Anonymous said...

Your stories make me chuckle everytime!

Neat how Shane did not mind the noisy blowdryer, too.