Monday, February 8, 2010

What to do on a Monday? hummm...

So it's Monday-- and I have a nice head/sinus cold--
But it's the first day off for Jerry so-- he decided to start ripping out our shower!   
We were planning on replacing it --but I didn't think...
(me not think? ! what is this world coming to?){that was rhetorical...don't answer....}
I didn't think that he would want to start working on it after being up for 14hours or so--
 ... for the record I was wrong!~   
Jerry was smart and he called to talk with his brother who does this sort of thing for a living...
Rick came by to help, and show what needed to be done --
 Thank GOD for brother-in-laws'!
Jerry gets kinda ....well "wonko" when he has worked all night and then -- he thinks that he can do WAY more than he really can-- so having Rick here to keep things SANE was a HUGE blessing!
I took some Alka-Seltzer cold medicine and decided to "help"--. Jerry had shut off all the water to the house, so my plans for dishes and laundry were put on hold until, Rick took apart the shower. Then they turned back on the water-- but by that time I wanted to help with pulling out the old shower. The guys were nice enough to "let" me do a good portion of the demo-- while they went and got stuff we needed.
So these are the pictures from today-- more work to be done tomorrow-- and I also have to leave the men and go with the kids on a field trip--
 I hope the guys stick to the plan tomorrow
and not decide to take anything else in the house apart !  :)

Check back tomorrow and see what happens next.... :)

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