Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday was good.

The kids were having a race at the park today-- and even with Shane's new shoes... the long legs of Jessica won.
pretty trees at the far side of the park~

Jessica wanted to show that she could climb all the way to the top-- I remember when she was not yet able...

-- notice Shane is at the top... egging her on! 
 gotta love the sibling love !

I am not sure what Shane was trying to pose as-- but he was very focused and happy when I snapped this picture.

Friday was a good day...
I won a t-shirt for Shane from
Esther-Faith from the Hennhouse-  is home from the hospital...yahooo...
Travis is also home from his trip to the hospital....yahooo...
Now if the situation in Haiti could get better... I would be REALLY EXCITED! :0)
However, one thing at a time! .... and God is GOOD all the TIME--

I don't usually leave posts with teasers... but --
 hopefully,tomorrow--    I will have a cool post up,
with a fun cheap project -- that might be considered a sensory project. :)

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