Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Eugene Weekly,The Eugene Library, juggling balls,and new shoes all in one day!

 Many things happened today~
My friend Patty... who is a  funny,sweet,sassy-- classy  -- karaoke hostess-
- helped to get a front page article all about our local karaoke scene...

The article was written by someone who REALLY likes to use adjectives-- which is nice... but a bit over the top if you ask me... and I wouldn't really describe Patty as the author Rick Levin did-- but then I have known her since I was 20 something and I am now almost 40-- I guess I see her in a different way?
Jessica's classroom and  8 or so adults went on the city bus to the Eugene Public Library-- I didn't want to ride on the city bus-- and so I met them at the library. It was a fascinating tour -- we got to see the machine that sorts the books-- the kids even  got complemented on,  all the questions that they asked--!   They each got to check out one book-- or more if they had a card and permission from an adult. Mrs.Kreider,our teacher- was nice enough to check out all the books on her card-- I helped out by taking the books back to school in my car-- I figured she didn't need to carry that huge quantity, and weight of books on the bus.  The kids were back at school and getting back started on their day when apparently there was a report of a community member who said the kids had been obnoxious while they were out and about. -- All of the parents' and staff that were with the kids were stunned-- I really wonder if they were even sure that their complaint was about our group -- or maybe instead other kids that were NOT a apart of the group?   It was just sad to see all the kids and staff reactions to this comment, it's hard not to take the comment personally-- but I wonder what motivated the comment.    (more pictures of library trip to come)

Then after school, Jessica was able to go and learn how to make juggling balls-- I plan on making some more for Shane over the weekend-- so I'll take pictures and give you a step by step directions then... very easy and cheap... I can't wait to show and share!

A few weeks ago Jessica grew out of her shoes-- so Jerry found her some new ones-- Which was nice... but then Shane has been ... begging for new shoes ever since!  Today, we were able to get him some new shoes-- at our local Dick's store-- Shane and Jessica thought that the mannequins were so.."fake" although they were both impressed to find that the mannequins have belly buttons and six-pack Ab's!
                                       WOW,  WHO would of thunk it?
I also found some EXPENSIVE but really nice exercise clothes at Dick's-- and even though I am often cheap... (think Walmart)~ It was nice to see nice,new, exercise clothes in my size!

Still in prayer for :
Travis and Family, The Hennhouse, Rick Dancer, and Haiti -- I do wish this list would get smaller!

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