Friday, February 5, 2010

And here is how to make the Juggling Balls...

So,  this week, Jessica got to spend some time with her P.E. teacher and some of the other kids-
- making Juggling balls~
I searched for  a while and I found this link
However, when Jessica and I made the balls, like the P.E. teacher showed us--
 the process was more streamlined~ {This P.E. teacher gets high marks from me-- she not only made this a fun cheap project, but she also has been really REALLY flexible with Shane and his... behaviors--. I talked with her for a while and she happens to have a four year old daughter who has SPD.--}

1. plastic fold top baggies

2. package of Balloons-- good sized-
 but definitely  not water balloons!

3. bag of rice--
I think that these could be made with whatever you have around,
 flax seed,oatmeal,barley,oatmeal,sand...
I really think that it's your choice how to want the balls to feel -- and weigh.

So here's the directions--
get a 1/2 cup measuring cup
cut the top off of the balloons

Open the bag of rice and put the rice into a pan or bowl-- something that will be easy to work over.
measure out a 1/2 cup of rice-- pour into the corner of a plastic baggie
twist the baggie and then wrap the extra part of the baggie
 around the "ball" you have created-- (so that you have two layers of plastic)
have a friend...or family member help
one person puts their fingers from both hands,  in the balloon and opens it up
the other person puts the baggie inside
pull the balloon around the baggie of rice
then take a second balloon and open it
put the ball you just made into the second balloon.
and are now done! (I hope!) :)

Jessica's balls are made with rice
and I have found that you can
 kind of squeeze them into square shape-
 in my opinion they have a really neat texture.
I also read that if you cut little holes in the second balloon
you could create a ball that is poke-a-dotted !
Only the balloons were injured in the creation of this project,
but however, since the balloons went on to have a second life--
 I do believe I should receive forgiveness
from the balloon loving masses!
... ha ha :)

If you do,make your own will you leave me a comment and tell me how it went?

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