Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Windy Weather and Happy Birthday to Uncle Lon

Happy Birthday to my Uncle Lon who loves the Oregon Beavers,Family and Beets!

Prayers for Haiti and also for The HENNHOUSE...

Last night about 11:30 Jerry and I were in bed listening to Jay LENO... when we heard a lot of noise... it was blowing outside ... I am guessing about 30plus miles an hour winds-- it would get real windy and then it would be calm ... this went on for about an hour or so.

Jerry and I stood under our carport and watched what was happening, every once in a while we had to put the garbage can back up-- we picked up a few branches and moved them on to the grass...

There was one branch that thankfully fell WITHOUT hitting any cars--- it was wider than my foot!

The middle school that is just down the street had a tree that spilt-- I remember hearing a snap-- but I wasn't eager to to get in the car-- or even walk down and figure out what happened... (yup, I'm a wus..)

This morning was stunning, Shane was up and dressed with out a ton of re-directs-- he even put his shoes and socks on without a fight! WOW ... I hope this means TODAY will be AWESOME--

When I went to drive away from the school after dropping the kids off I saw blue skies and white clouds--I was going to attach some pictures but blogger is being slower than a snail over a rock.
Ah, Joy... simple,priceless Joy!

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