Monday, January 18, 2010

"Antique, wet tennis"

Shane wore Jessica's boots, and then kept having a tough time with his socks... as usual.

Jerry was being , Jerry and JUST had to "mug" for the camera.
A bit blurry action shot of Shane

Jessica, action shot

The racket that died~
Jerry and Jessica helped out at my Grandparents' store today and ended up coming home with two tennis rackets-- we already had two wet tennis balls. The tennis rackets are old... maybe even antique... We did warn the kids, that the rackets may not last long-- and yet they were dismayed and upset when each of the rackets .... failed .
After I took these pictures I realized that I should of used the action shot feature to get a clearer picture of the kids in motion, gosh, darn it! ah, well next time !
I didn't miss spell any words in this post... WOW! I rock!


Childlife said...

That looks like an absolute blast! Antique tennis racquets and all :)
Nothin' like a nice soggy rainstorm for a good day of tennis, eh? ;)


Bethany said...

I love the fun of tennis in the rain! And those antique rackets did an admirable job given the conditions! :) I used to always have the same issue with my socks when I wore boots, although mine were usually "built for a lake freezing winter" boots. Part of my problem might have been the number of pairs of socks I was wearing ;) Love to see that a little rain does not keep your kids and your family from getting out and having fun together!!