Monday, January 18, 2010

How movies influence our home...

Last night it was a very stormy night, the winds were whipping around with speed, and intent to change.

Jerry said to me, "I'll go and check on the mutants" {Things with Jerry often have movie themes... he was referencing the X MEN movie, Wolverine}

So, my dear sweet husband left the warmth and safety of our house.

He wasn't out in the "elements" for very long, but finally he came upon the pool-- it really didn't seem dangerous -- just a simple blue plastic kids wading pool.

However, when STORM is at hand, things can certainly change... STORM must not of wanted the pool to be messed with and so SHE whipped up the wind and ..... SWACKED my dear husband in the head with the pool.

He returned to the house slightly cold and wet-- He started to tell about how he had managed to "subdue" the mutants he encountered-- He told how brave he was to have found the pool, and then he told how it SWACKED him in the head before he could ... find a new home for the pool to rest. As I lay in my warm,comfy bed, I considered my husband to be spinning a tale of woe, and fantasy--. It wasn't until he said, "Go, ahead and touch the spot where STORM hit me with the lightening bolt" I reached up to touch his forehead-- thinking he placed mud or worm guts on his head to "fake me out" -- Finally I turned on our bedside light to see that in fact, my husband had survived... an attack from STORM!

The mark that was left behind--- looks alot like the Harry Potter mark...hehehehe

So, how was your night? Did anything fun or interesting happen? :)

Still in prayer for the HENNHOUSE, and also Haiti
Happy MLK DAY!


mommyto3duckies said...

poor Jerry! Good thing it was just Storm and not Wolverine, lol!

Anonymous said...

I took out wolverine first.

Anonymous said...

I feel a little bad - enjoying your story so - while Jerry got a whack on the head! Seems Harry was always getting whacked in the head, too.

Now over to Hennhouse. Good thing I read here or I would be further behind!


Childlife said...

I think I have a hunch where your adorable little kiddos get their brilliant imaginations... ;)

(Tell Jerry I apologize for having a good giggle at his expense!)