Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prayers are needed and Happy news

Currently praying for Haiti,

I am also hoping that all our prayers will be

multipied and good works, and good health will return.

On another topic... my sister-in-law Sara and my brother Peter,

already have one son Miles, but now they are expecting a daughter in June!

I am so very excited for them-- SO VERY EXCITED

There aren't very many girls on my mom's side of the family-- so any excuse to bring out the pink,ruffles and lace... ah , pure and simple JOY!

Jessica was playing with my pink Snuggie-- thanks to Aunt Danni~

I played with the editing...

one picture is the coloring book feature

and the other is fisheye, black and white and spotlight.

How do I take pictures of Jessica without getting those two spots on her glasses?
Jerry is home this morning and so Shane and Jerry are watching cartoons in our bedroom, and Jessica and I are reading books and watching TV, and blogging in the living room. It feels good to be home with family, and not to have a ton of places to go. I guess this means I am a homebody? :)

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