Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jerry,Brandon and Irie

The other day Jerry and I dropped off Brandon's mail -- and he was nice enough to bring out Irie for us to see...

It was really nice to see Irie & Brandon, however it was sad to hear that Brandon and the mother of Irie are not "seeing" each other anymore and so Brandon is "couch hopping". Brandon is currently unemployed and not super motivated to get a job, I think he wants to be a stay-at-home Dad...however he is in need of a home for that to happen. Brandon has had a tough life -- so in some ways I feel bad for him, but then other times I get annoyed that he has consistently not met expectations. Don't do drugs...even the ones that are "natural" ~

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Anonymous said...

That baby is so adorable. I'm sorry about Brandon. My son is currently still getting lucky living in a house for $50 a month. Go figure. He doesn't look very hard for work either but he is planning on going back to college. Yay! I love you Stace. See I'm here.