Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday, good and bad...

So, Tuesday--
My husband is off from work... and after trying several times to "play" Mafia Wars on Facebook- he asked for my help. :) Not that I truly know what I am doing, but I have learned how to search for information. I went ahead and upgraded our browser and "wa-la"? Mafia Wars works now! Because we are STILL on dial-up, it took a good part of the day to get this task finished.
Jerry meanwhile left with his friend fishin'! (which worked out well, Jerry doesn't do well waiting for things--)

When I pick up Shane, I wait in the office, at the kids' school.; We have found that having him passed from the school staff to me or Jerry in the office saves alot of stress.
This afternoon I walked in to find that today was not GREAT.
First I talked with the principal, and then the SPED staff dropped Shane off with me, and mentioned a few things-- Shane put his hands over his ears--
(he does this often but I have yet to have success getting him to put his hands down...) The SPED staff member looked at Shane and said
"Shane, your direction is to put your hands down-- put your hands down. "
To my utter surprise he put his hands down!
I am going to work on using that type of command with Shane...
maybe I can improve his response to requests.!
During P.E. -- which is a huge challenge for Shane,
{last year he didn't have P.E. at all-- and the noise in the gym is really loud}
anyway-- there were different stations set up -- the kids had to go from one station to another-- none of the kids finished all the stations. However, for Shane- not being able to finish, really set him off and so even though he had his IA helping him attempt to talk it out--
The meltdown happened.
It took some time and concentration to get Shane up off the floor out of the gym, and then when he was in the hallway he was being stubborn and stalling finally one of the SPED teachers was available to come and help motivate Shane, to go down to the SPED classroom.

As a part of Shane's behavior support plan -- he wrote letters of apology to the staff that he had been rude and disrespectful to and then he was able to deliver them. He also did quite a few worksheets-- which was helpful since he often neglects to do his worksheets during the time that he is in class-- when he is in the SPED classroom there are fewer kids and less distractions.

Although I wasn't really happy to hear Shane had melted down-- it was so much easier to deal with it today than, it has been-- I felt like the staff and I were on the same page and we were all very aware of how smart Shane is -- but also how manipulating he can be. --
This year is SO much better than last year-- I don't have that yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach -- Ah, Joy! There is a meeting tomorrow to talk about if the school is able to keep his IA for a longer period of time-- the teacher would like that to happen as would I -- so I guess it's just a matter of funding, and availability.

I hope that tomorrow is different--than today --
Shane is dealing with a head cold-- so I can only pray and wait to see if Shane can learn to deal. After all he has to learn that sometimes,life just isn't easy.

American Idol is on... I must go and watch... :)
Still in prayer for HennHouse...and Travis.

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Hartley said...


I just stumbled onto your blog (saw a comment from you on another blog) and thought I would stop by.

Great to read that your son is doing better this year! My oldest has SPD (and more) and we struggle in school--but cycle from good to bad and then back again. *sigh* Part of being the mom, I guess. :)

I look forward to learning more about your family,