Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday is here...oh gee, oh gosh

The weekend is over... and oh, gee-- oh, gosh Monday is here.
excuse me while I drink some more coffee and rub my eyes...
Mornings are so not my thing...
okay... that is ENough whining!
Jessica had a GRAND time with her Aunt Danni this weekend... she even some Elk. I think they went about 3 miles --however- towards the end -- they had Jessica just walk in her boots-- the snowshoes were slowing her down! (Aunt Danni was SO nice to carry the extra gear) On the way home Jessica kept talking about food,where to buy good Jojo's-- how to make mac & cheese creamy and anything to do with food-- I bet everyone was SUPER hungry when they got out of the car! LOL

Shane and Jerry found some great deals on tennis rackets at our local Goodwill store... the boys came home with 3 rackets~ then the boys went to the school to test out the rackets-- I noticed it was getting dark and so I had to call and (remind) tell the boys to go on home!

I helped celebrate a birthday by going to karaoke on Saturday night, and although I didn't drink or sing, but I felt terrible Sunday morning.-- At church our message happened to be about healing... and so I asked for some--- :) for me and also the Hennhouse.
After church, Jerry took the kids and I to Subway-- Shane complained the whole time we were ordering-(very loudly) and then after he was almost done eating he said," I Love Subway, this was great! "
I am learning that when he is hungry -- you have to ignore most of what he says-- so that when he is no longer hungry... he is much more likely to give complements!
I did ask our pediatrician a while back if he was hypoglycemic... and she said, "No, I don't think so-- I think he just feels his hunger more -- and is more vocal about his needs." {I remember when I used to pray that he would just start talking ... now I'm wishin'... that I would of prayed that he would be PATIENT and FLEXIBLE! }

Jessica also told us-- on Sunday morning that her shoes didn't fit... Jerry needed some new shoes also, so Jerry and Jessica wanted to go by themselves and I wanted to nap--
So, Shane and I came home-- and I did something that I don't normally do-- I put a movie on for him and took a nap in my room with the door closed. I knew he would come and get me if he needed me, and I also knew that he was VERY happy to watch the movie that he had seen about 6 times before--
Thank God for movies and naps!

Jessica ended up with a size 4 shoe!!!!!!!! Apparently she grew two sizes since her last pair of shoes! It blows my mind that she can grow so quickly and NOT complain about her shoes--

So, how was your weekend?

I also heard that my cousin Jannet and her daughter, Ally might get to go and help in Haiti come Spring Break-- they have been to Haiti before-- I do hope and pray that their trip is filled with good things for the people of Haiti and also for them.
While at church we had the oppurtunity to pray for SallyJo, she is a missonary at our church that is going back to China, she also came with us on the girls only backpacking trip-- it felt good to pray for her trip but also that we "knew" her.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stace! I can remember when you told me that wished for Shane to talk....(Hmmmmm what did I say??). I had to laugh because I think when the time came I promised you I'd say "I Told You So!!!!" I am happy to keep that promise today. I love you and I'm sorry you felt yucky yesterday. It must've been that "non" music you say you were listening to. LOL

Childlife said...

Just laughin' about your past prayers for Shane to talk -- too funny! I used to pray the same for our oldest and now she never stops! :D Happy Monday, Stacie!