Friday, January 22, 2010

Funny Evening at the Harris House...

My family is funny... and they don't take themselves too serious--[good thing too!]
Jerry was getting ready for work this evening and being very lovey-- which is nice... but he was getting a bit over the top...
The TV mentioned that Sarah Palin is coming to Eugene,and if you are a registered Republican-- you could go and see her... providing you pay $250.00!!!!!!!
Jerry started getting all excited, he happens to be a registered Republican-- I looked at him and said," You are not spending $250.00 of your hard-earned money to go see her..."
Jessica popped up to say, "Yeah, Daddy you could buy a precious gemstone instead"
Jerry... not to be out-done by his child-- said "I can give the gemstone to Sarah when I see her!"
I just shook my head, I don't think so! LOL (Jerry really didn't want to go see her for that amount of money-- but it was funny to hear Jessica's take on things!)
I somewhat like Sarah Palin, but not enough to let her have that much money... besides I voted for the winner... Mr.Obama

Jessica gets to go snowshoeing with Aunt Danni tomorrow and she was SO excited that she ...begged to get all dressed in her clothes... just to see how it felt~ !
I do hope that she is able to sleep tonight!

Shane had a decent day at school-- however, he didn't get pulled in for recess so-- we shall see if they pull him in on Monday-- it would seem that by Monday the consequence and the accedent would be forgotten. He didn't do too much chewing on himself today-- so-- although I found a chew-thing in a magazine, I am going to hold off on investing in it, I hope that this chewing thing just slows to a stop? Next week his teacher and the SPED teacher are going to meet and maybe Shane will get to keep his IA (instructional asst.) for a longer time-- His teacher is not convinced that he is ready for her to leave. This year things are SO much better-- his teacher is really focused on meeting Shane's needs, even if it means she has to make changes for the whole classroom--
It is SO nice to see your child as valuable addition! :) Ah, joy!

Yesterday,I was surfing around the web, and while on Craigslist I found an ad that said I could get a FREE haircut... so I printed out the ad and then drove over to the place..(Super cuts)
When I got there I found out that if I wanted to wait until 1pm... then I could get my hair cut for free-- but otherwise is would be $16.00~ I decided to go ahead and get my hair cut... as usual I got scolded that I had not been in recently to get my hair cut... and then the stylist also mentioned that I need to use more product when I use heating appliances on my hair... I guess that when I used the hot flat iron -- I ruined some of my hair... good thing hair grows back!
My mom used to be a beautician and so I have heard all the comments/complaints before!

Still praying for Haiti and all those affected by the events there. Also praying for the HennHouse and a friend from high school-- Travis (he is dealing with depression and PTSD--)

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