Friday, January 29, 2010

Post #516

As the kids have grown older, Jerry and I have tried to let them take on more responsibilities, when we thought it was time.
Jessica even signed a contract that is posted in their bathroom-- it says
"When I am 8, I will run my own bath, November 13, 2008"
Well... last night she FINALLY completed this task! She also was able, for the first time- to use my blow dryer.(It was on the low setting but--I am still really happy that she is attempting to do more...)
A few weeks ago, Jerry drove by the middle school, and he thought he saw Jessica's bicycle--Jerry was able to come home and find that indeed Jessica's bike had be removed from our yard. Jerry went up to the school and although the bike was once again moved, he found it and brought it home. (Jerry is such a good Daddy...)
Just last Sunday, I got a text from my neighbor while I was on my way out of church-- apparently a teen had tried to steal our bikes - but was deterred by them being locked to our boat trailer-- and our AWESOME neighbor, Pam-- who was..,. rather vocal about things...:)
A few days ago Jessica was convinced that she should be allowed to walk home from school-- she wanted to "step up to the plate" -- she was being stubborn, and she didn't really want to hear what I had to say about the topic. When we got home Jerry and I talked for a few moments about the issue, and then Jessica came in. Jerry took the lead in explaining to Jessica why .... we didn't think that walking home from school was safe. Jessica offered to have me escort her in the KIA-- we explained that the other drivers might not like that idea. I have a feeling that this topic will be reappearing soon-- hopefully I can find a good way to tell Jessica no, without squashing her desire to ..."step up to the plate".
Shane had a rather good day at school and I found out that he gets to keep his IA until April!
It was nice to hear that he was also able "to deal" with an Assembly-- they brought him some headphones and books-- and he did fine! Assembly's are held in the gym, and Shane typically doesn't enjoy the gym-- so this was a GOOD DAY!~
Our yearly book fair is coming up and although I am going to help, I am going to be praying for patience and skill when responding to people's comments. I like to help when I can, but often I have to shut my mouth and try to keep my feet on the floor, as apposed to in my mouth-- or stomping my feet. (sheepist smile...)
I have been praying and I continue to be in prayer for the HennHouse, Travis and family, Stacey P. and family--- and last but not least Haiti!.
Jerry's work is matching donations for Haiti, from their employees, and although Jerry and I didn't have a lot to give, it still felt good to have our donation go a bit further thanks to his employer.
Last evening before bed, Jessica asked me
to make up some math problems,
Shane was happily reading a book about knock, knock jokes...
even though both are fighting a head cold
it was nice to see them being so wonderful!
Ah, joy!
I also stumbled upon a new blog -- I was reading a bit over there and often the topic seems to be SPD...and how to manage all that comes with that acronym along with other acronyms.. ... Oh, Joy!


Bethany said...

That is awesome that as your kids are ready to take on more responsibility you have a structure/plan/goal in place to transition their responsibility for themselves over to them. So many parents just do for their kids because it is easier, less messy, faster, etc. Then they suddenly realize that they are doing for a teenager what they did for a preschooler, and when they try to suddenly transfer responsibility it does not go well. Your daughter asking for math problems is too sweet! And I am very proud of how Shane handled an assembly, those things could he hard for me to process as a teacher!! Shane is a child whose possibilities are limitless, he just needs some support to learn to fly.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like mostly good news to me, too, Stacey. Stay confident in protecting Jessica. Barbara

Heather said...

Loved catching up and seeing your slideshow pics. Great idea!