Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Saturday, yahooo!

I am so glad that today is Saturday and yesterday is now just a memory!

The kids and I had to run some essential errands-- boring stuff like buying postage at the Post office, paying our taxes at the tax collector office, and stopping at Walmart for the kids "favorite" toothpaste.
I tried to plan ahead and set up each situation so that Shane would know what type of behavior was expected, but either I was using too many words -- or my words were not heard.
By about 2:40 I decided that I was DONE with being in public with the kids, I brought them home-- the two of them went outside and tried to "skate" on the sidewalk and driveway-- on our way home from our errands the news was talking about Freezing Rain-- (yet another reason to come home).
I decided that I would make dinner and cookies! Shane continued to be a pill at dinner time so he missed out on the pudding that was dessert. Shane commented "Well, pudding is bad for you so -- I don't really care! I'd rather play video games, at least they are healthy for you!"

So, anyway I am glad that it's Saturday....
I got to sleep in for a bit,
(I pretended to be sleeping and Shane was nice enough to go back to his room and leave me alone!)
We still have icy conditions outside so the kids are once again trying to ice skate on the sidewalk-- they are really excited when they come across any water that has frozen-- IT almost makes me wish that I lived in the country with a pond and I could let them "skate..."
and then I start thinking about how hard it is when you hit ice... and I am glad that we don't have a pond nearby !
This evening some really good friends' of ours are going to watch the kids-- OVERNIGHT!
Jerry has to work until about 4pmish and then his Christmas dinner is at 5--.
Our friends, Lynn and Debbie offered to take the kids and keep them overnight! They also might have two of their grand kids over-- the four kids are about the same ages and they usually play well together.
I am so excited I found a new outfit for $30.00 at Fashion bug... and I plan on being VERY pretty-- hair, make-up,nails the works!
Now, if the weather would just stay calm...
so that I don't worry about the road conditions!
Merry Christmas !
I know it's a bit early to be wishing this, but it's such a" feel good phrase" practice it as much as possible-- It makes me smile!


HennHouse said...

Soooooo..... How was date night?!?!

therextras said...

Merry Christmas!

And that was not practice! ;)