Sunday, December 13, 2009

Date night, and a Cross the road~

My sweet, wonderful husband, asked if our friends' The Primes would watch our kids overnight, so that Jerry and I could go to his company dinner party and then out to karaoke. The Primes' were happy to have my two kids, and also their daughter and her three-- it ended up being a full house! Shane and Jessica did a decent job of behaving themselves, when we got home today I had them write a thank you note.
Jerry and I went to the dinner, we sat at the table that we always seem to choose--dinner was good but a bit on the cold side. Then there were a few speeches about how the company is doing and what the future plans will be. A few employee's have been at Grain Millers for 10 years so they received a SEIKO watch,and one received a TAG HAUER watch,for being with the company for 20 years. (Jerry already has his SEIKO and TAG HAUER, he has been with the company since 1988!)
In the past the company has purchased a bunch of gifts (25 or so) and then they have drawn names, the employee's would come up and get their gift, then others could steal but only when their name was called. This year they only had maybe 15 gifts-- they choose names -- the theme was "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" Jerry's name was called and -- guess what he got ? ....
It's very skinny,black and sexy/techy -- a new 16GB iPod NANO...
my LOVELY husband was nice enough to give it to , ME!
I had been asking (begging) for something to listen to music on, so that I could have music and motivation to walk to--- I am so happy that my husband heard me...
(He does plan to buy another music player -- for himself but maybe not as high quality)
After dinner we came home dropped off the iPod and then we visited my friend Patty for karaoke-- Jerry had to work this morning so we stayed long enough for Jerry to sing two songs and then we came home.
It was simply,lovely to be out with my husband, my friend Patty was teasing me that I was very mushy with Jerry-- awwww -- it was nice pretending that we were once again dating and that only each other mattered!
On the way home from picking up the kids , I looked over to see the shadow of a cross on a pile of dirt or bark-a-mulch?---
I thought it was really cool to see the cross in shadow and then to see the steam rising all around it-- When I was naming the picture,
I thought to myself how much
a play on words the description of this picture is...
A cross -- on the side of the road
Across the road a Cross...
So, in answer to your question,Karin-- :)
Date night was AWESOME!
I am so glad it happened and I hope that maybe we can do it again?
Even if I had not gotten the iPod Nano,
I would of still been very happy,
spending some one on one time with my husband!
I'm happy!
(now I have to ask some people I know how,
best to put music and such on my beautiful new toy)


Anonymous said...

Hi! Yessssss you both were very mushy. Jerry had that smile on his face too! I won't comment on the fact that you had to go to karaoke on date night but I am flattered I got to be a part of it. I also want to suggest that perhaps I could help with that music situation for you. Helllloooo! Of course I can! I love you!

HennHouse said...

Yeah! So glad you had a good time... and got a present, too!!