Monday, December 14, 2009

Can't wait for Happy Dreams tonight!~

I have been standing still for a while now, and I can't seem to catch my clutter piles mutipling... but I JUST know that they are... If I could only figure out how to ... neuter them! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
My friend Patty is good at sending me emails that make me STOP and think~here is a recent one!


A man would do nothing

if he waited until

he could do it so well

that one could find

no fault with what he has done.

Don't wait, go ahead, and enjoy another beautiful day!


Jerry and I purchased a brand new mattress and box springs today, I can't wait to climb up into bed and cuddle up with my new flannel sheets! Ah, Joy... not priceless but ... as the mattress salesmen said, "Can you really put a price on sleep?" This is our first brand new bed, it is taller than we have ever had and VERY comfy-- I wonder if getting a good nights rest will REALLY change how energized I am during the day?

Shane did a great job sitting still today while getting his haircut, but now he's angry that Jessica is playing PIXEL-CHIC'S wrong-- . I live in a roller coaster...or a submarine ?

I have been trying to play around with the iPOD NANO, and I am in WAY over my head,.,,, it does SO many things~ I am considering selling it to someone or trading for their old iPOD or mp3-- On Wednesday Jessica's teacher will spend some time with me -- giving me a tutorial, I need to eat some brain food so that I don't seem to tech-stupid!

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