Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Christmas shopping is ALMOST done!

Well, we got a good portion of our Christmas shopping done today--
  • Shane's done
  • Jessica's done
  • Jerry's done (mine is mostly done)
  • Grandma Jeanne done
  • Grandpa Hutch done
  • Grandma Leanna done

Now we (I) have to shop for:

Miles,Ryan,Dominic,finish Sara/Peter present,finish pj's for Christopher,Aunt Danni, Uncle Rick, and Jeff, bake pumpkin bread,maybe bake another round of cookies....

Jerry the kids and I got to get our H1N1 vaccines today, the school was having a clinic and so it was FREE, Shane and I got the nose spray.... weird but okay... and Jessica and Jerry got the shot, there were amazingly NO TEARS, only a bit of whining.... WOW!

I needed some new plates, so we got some non breakable--? Corelle plates,bowls and mugs. We also picked up some needed silverware. Gosh, why am I telling you all of this? -- oh yeah so that I can keep track of what I have finished and what I haven't! :)

This morning Jessica came in to say good morning, Jerry and I told her that she looked shorter, --- she didn't laugh-- sarcasm is lost on this child-- We explained that the new bed is SO tall that we thought either she was shorter or the ceiling had fallen!

Jessica came home with a gingerbread house made out of graham crackers, but it had fallen before I got to see it-- so I missed getting a picture--but I hear that the teacher did get one.

Yesterday when Jerry and Shane got their hair cut, Jessica seemed to think that she wanted her hair shorter-- I convinced her that she needed to look at some books first... (she is always asking to have her hair braided or curled and shorter hair would not make those things easy!) Finally, I got her convinced that we could give her a new hairstyle with a flat iron-- I have my fingers crossed that I can make her hair "cute"... She just happens to have the most stubborn hair... wish me luck!

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