Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Mom...

I learned something new...
If you want a "quiet,calm Shane"
(and really who wouldn't want that?)
while at the grocery store,
bring a book
and then put him in the cart
with a blanket to sit on a book to read-- WOW!
Now, I need to find a bunch of little books
to keep on hand
so that I am prepared for
when I need a quiet calm child in a grocery store!

Today is my Mom's birthday

...Happy Birthday Mom...

We will see/invade you tomorrow!

Now, if I could just figure out how to hurry up the process of getting Shane ready to go outside--

play pants on,socks,shoes,correct coat,gloves,hat--- and helmet. It seems simple, but for Shane the process is full of choices and roadblocks-- Sometimes I do a really good job of letting him manage and I walk away-- but lately I have to help him with each step-- either he is "parenting" me-- or he really has a tough time with these tasks. I would think that these skills should be "easy"-- but then my reality is different than Shane's-- I don't have Sensory Processing Disorder and he does--

I have heard(and read) that when one part of your day is tough, to find a way to add time to that part of the day so that you can parent with a clearer head-- and use more patience...

I personally HATE to be SLOW about getting out the door-- so maybe, just maybe part of the issues are coming from me... being impatient.... and in a hurry to leave the house. (I have learned to set the clocks in the living room ahead of the "true"time.)
When Shane was little, one of the issues was keeping him in his own bed -- and not caving in to the crying and whining....it took a while and we finally found a solution.

My sister-in-law,Sara has figured our how to get her son (Miles) to sleep though the night, I am so proud that she has -- :) figured this out.... !

I think it only took her a week or so-- as I think back, I am sure our sleep issues took much longer---
My prayers go out to the HennHouse

I hope this week is more full of love and kindness,

I hope that patience, and a joyful spirit

will reign in their house and ... also where we all will be!

Merry Christmas

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