Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve to ALL!

What is your favorite Christmas Carol?
think mine is Carol of the Bells-- When I was a teenager I played violin... and often I would be placed third chair-- but I never really minded because I was in the middle of the glorious sound- and even if I wasn't playing the most difficult part, I was still apart of the music, and that -- was JOY!

Today is Christmas Eve, and I am excited to go to candlelight service at church, then to get a pizza and then to spend time with Uncle Rick, Aunt Danni and other assorted...:) Harris Family -A day or two ago I was at ROSS dress for less and I happened, (stumbled) upon ... a four piece outfit for Shane-- it was ONLY $5.98! whohoooo ! It has a tie,shirt,vest and pants-- Shane WILL not wear the shirt.,(it was really cheaply made anyway) but the vest and the pants are a GO., Maybe I'll convince him to try the tie-- but only for a picture or two ! :) I found a white collared shirt in Shane's drawer-- {from Elizabeth's boys' hand-me-downs... Thanks!} I had Shane try on the shirt with the vest and he seemed happy so-- I am hopeful that he can be, and stay, dressed handsomely for today! I don't usually push the dressing up with him-- I figure that his behavior needs more attention than his clothing.--
As for Jessica, she will be wearing a dress that she has worn before, but I added some Christmas ribbon-- I also added a bit of the same ribbon to my sweater top that I am wearing-- I imagine that we will look a bit matchy,matchy but .... who really minds? Not me... and not Jessica! I have learned that if I don't suggest anything for Jerry he will find something nice enough -- he and I have different tastes in clothing-- we agree to not comment unless it's OVER the TOP bad...(think Lycra shorts) and Jerry isn't that fashion impaired-- although I don't know that the same could be said about me... I have been known to wear some strange things--- ah well -- I took some pictures yesterday and I tried to upload them-- I am going to try again today and see what happens.... Jerry and I have been looking at our budget and we might of found the extra needed money for faster Internet--- yahoooo.... but now I need to shop around and find the best deal for what we( I ) want...

All I want for Christmas is

a maid

faster Internet

World Peace

Healthy People,family and friends--

Peace to All

A bigger house

A bigger car

A thinner healthier body

but I'll settle... yup I will settle ~ for the Joy and the Peace of the Season,

I'll settle for the gift that comes from Jesus and our LORD on HIGH.

and really the present we have from HIM is all I REALLY desire.


Anonymous said...

What a perfect post, Stacey! You and I have so much in common!

Love Carol of the Bells! Loved being the on the level of third chair in a singing group in HS. Yes, being surrounded by the music was JOY! And modifying a dress for another wear is definitely good in my book! My list very similar to yours!


HennHouse said...

Merry Christmas, Stacey!!