Monday, December 21, 2009

First official day of Christmas Vacation

People here in the Northwest are not always ... the smartest

I can imagine that I would be a bit angry when my ATM card was taken from me-- but I doubt I would go as far as this guy... apparently he was a drug user and so he was working with a different reality?

Yesterday at church Shane and Jessica did a great job of behaving -
- Shane even prayed for all his friends to know about the lesson from the candy cane~ I rewarded them, with a part of a candy cane! :)
I had made some pumpkin bread with walnuts and put it in some little tin containers-- I took two and gave them to his teacher-- it was SO nice to see her truly happy to get something as small and simple as pumpkin bread! She usually sings at Christmas time-- but this year she is going to go be with her elderly mom, I told her that even though I will miss seeing and hearing her voice I will be hearing her in my head... She thought that was sweet! .

My sister-in-law Danni sang as part of a choir at church and -- was AWESOME... they even had a song with, a violin,french horn,cello,piano,trumpet, drums, & trombone-- It was quite a sound to hear. I only took one picture of the choir... I didn't have the guts to play the photographer in church... plus I wanted to focus on the music!
I really love the new bed we recently purchased it is big tall soft and comfy... Ah, Joy!
Have a Great Day!

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