Thursday, October 8, 2009

Good day, good hair?

Yesterday, Shane had a another good day... it wasn't super good-- but there were NO time-outs and NO detentions...! He gets a certain amount of points each day and although he didn't get them all... he stayed focused enough to get through the day!
I found some Jeff Gordon curtains at ROSS for $1.49 ! yahooo.......
Shane has a thing for NASCAR so it was nice to find a CHEAP reward that was also useful!
Jessica has been bringing her laptop home and she often has to look at her homework and then type in an answer--so, I have been looking for a document holder-- that is cheap and functional but not HUGE! I found a few I liked on-line-- but my husband doesn't like to buy things on-line... grrr... so I guess I need to find another solution! Ideas? I even looked at a cookbook holder, but they were at the wrong angle and for a book, not a few sheets of paper.

When... do you not help your daughter wash her hair? do you wash her hair everyday?
When Jessica was little the Dr suggested that I have her wash her hair every other day-- her skin was thin, and this seemed to help it look healthy. Recently, I have been trying to get her to wash her own hair-- but I have also found LOTS of flakes --so I am trying to figure out...
  • should I wash her hair more often?
  • should I use a shampoo like T-gel ?
  • she's eight, shouldn't she be able to wash without supervision?
  • I wonder if the flakes were leftover soap,that didn't get washed out?

Jerry and his brother are still hunting, they have seen deer-- but none with antlers...The kids miss their Daddy, but even night he calls and it's hilarious to watch the kids talk to Daddy on the cell phone... Shane reads books to Daddy and gets mad if Daddy tries to stop him, Jessica takes the phone and walks all around the house... finally I get a few moments, but the kids are always hovering... :)

The kids are off from school tomorrow -- so I need to figure out a plan to keep them busy!

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Kristi said...

That is so awesome that Shane is doing so well. I am so happy for you guys.