Friday, October 9, 2009

The deer,my dear, and stuff...

I am happy to report that my dear husband, eh... got his deer.
He sent me a text with a picture of it at 8am this morning... then about 1/2 hour later he sent me another picture-- of him holding the head,his gun, and smiling...
I have to say that I sent back a text and asked if that was really him--
he has hair/fur on his face and his hat looked yellow (it is really orange) plus he was wearing his glasses, normally I have to pester him to wear them...
- not what my husband normally looks like...
I even forwarded his picture on to friends and they all commented that Jerry looked...
WAY different... --
If I was more skilled I would send the picture from my phone to the blog... but alas I cannot!
He will be home late in the evening tomorrow, and I bet he will smell bad also-- Oh, Joy!
But, he will be home... and he can take the A/C unit out of the window so that in the cccoooollllddddd mornings I can have the heat on.(It's all about me... and my creature comforts...)

The kids and I stayed at home and did alot of ...nothing... Ah, Joy!

Tomorrow there is a birthday party for a friend of Jessica's, it's at a place called Putters' -- they have a TON of video games and "put put golf"
-- I know the kids would enjoy themselves, but I don't know how I will be able to get Shane to leave... normally Jerry and I double team Shane--
I say it's time and Jerry will go and "motivate"Shane to leave... sometimes Jerry will put Shane on his shoulder and that seems to make the leaving "more fun"... there are funny voices and also a funny story. I am not as skilled at making the leaving easier... I do believe Shane knows this and so he acts out more with me than Jerry...
Gosh, it's great he's SO smart... really it's great!

What is your weekend looking like?

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