Saturday, October 10, 2009

birds,squirrels, and conversations!

This morning, as I was waiting for my computer to get warmed up-- I heard noises--
I thought maybe a squirrel was on the roof, playing tag.
I looked up at the skylight and saw, a bunch of little, stupid, birds hopping all around my skylight, they were really confused, I think they thought the skylight was a small puddle. They flew away after a while-- chased off by some crows-- but then they came back and I scared them with my broom on the skylight...
I'm not mean to animals... really I'm not... but they "belong" outside... and that is where they should stay!
I tried to take a picture of them instead I caught a squirrel in our yard... that little nut thief! go ahead take all the black walnuts you like ....and plant them elsewhere!
Good thing my husband is coming home tonight, I think I need some adult conversation!

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