Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Day, good, and then drama --Hey, where's my socks?

The other night at bedtime Jessica was "pretending" -- she put on these glasses that we found on our hiking trip, and then the kids were reading books... I happened to be playing with my camera -- the kids BEGGED me to take their pictures-- For some reason all the pictures of Shane disappeared! weird!

Yesterday, was a Day...
When I picked Shane up -- I found out that he had zero time-outs and zero detentions! Plus, when he started to get twisty & twirly... he asked for a sensory break! The teacher replied in five minutes Shane... and Shane was able to wait the 5 minutes! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Shane decided that we had to go to the Dollar Tree/Store for a reward-- he was not impressed with the toys-- so we found an activity book that was all about Transformers--and he was happy!

When we went back to the school to pick up Jessica, the first words out of her mouth was, "Mommy, I can't bring home my laptop today,because I lost it..."
I took a few moments to calm down, and then I asked -- Do we need to go back into the school and look for it? Jessica assured me that we didn't have to go and look for it-- she would just look in the morning. Once we were home, I went outside and called the school-- I left a message with the secretary to talk with the teacher --By about 5pm I didn't get a return phone call- :(
- so I sent an email and this morning I checked my email while the kids were getting ready for school~ The teacher replied, not to worry we will look for it, and then another email found it!
I was so happy to get that email... my blood pressure went down a bit! ah....
But, no morning would be complete without a bit of drama... it seems that we may have a sock thief in our home.... Both Jessica and Shane wear about the same size sock, and this morning no white ones seemed to be available!
Hummm.... I knew I had just washed and folded socks yesterday... and now none were to be found! I spoke with Jessica and told her that she would be working on finding socks when she got home from school... of course Shane overheard me... and so that was the first piece of information he shared with his teacher and his classmates..
Jessica was also adamant that I not talk about the "sock issue..." to her teacher... :)
... I might have to in the future ... if she doesn't find more socks!

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