Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Meeting....

So, are you on the edge of your seat ?
How do you think the meeting went today?
The meeting went better than I had imagined,
My son now has an IEP, (yahhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooo)
and although the classification is Autism,
he is NOT deficient in all 4 areas-- he is only somewhat lacking in 3-- .
The principal wasn't originally going to be able to show up, but she was there! Shane will be receiving OT help...yahooo! , he will also be spending some time in the Special Ed classroom working on social interactions and building skills. In the classroom the teacher is more than willing to set him up for success, by phrasing tasks as a command or a request. She is willing to be very clear in her expectations. We talked about how to work with Shane, and not let him manipulate the situation-- we talked about his skills, and strengths---. The focus was how best to motivate Shane to be like all the other kids.... in a positive way.
Dear Bethany you are so awesome...!
I had sent the draft of the report to her and she made comments and questions, then I sent that email on to the psychologist. and he brought them to the meeting along with answers! It was like you had a spot at the table,and your concerns were as important as anyone Else's! :)
We have yet another meeting to detail Shane's day to day plan on Tues. Because the teacher and principal will be there, he will get to meet them then.- Shane and Jessica will be in the room while we meet- so hopefully this will be a "good idea" ---! Maybe, by Shane overhearing our conversation it will help him know what the expectations are?
The psychologist was clear in making the point, that the more time Shane is in school is the best idea, and that we are doing him a disservice to him, if we have him come home from school early.
I am so hopeful and positive for the future, this meeting was WAY more supportive, and everyone was willing to suggest and/or provide any services --
I think I could of asked for Rainbows or Ferris Wheels and got them....
my, my how does my world go?,
faster and faster with speed and precision!
Seriously, it was the meeting that should of happened last year!
There was mention of Sensory issues, ADHD,and depression-- so that everyone would know what key behaviors have been seen.
Anyway... it was a great meeting... and I am just happy that this year is starting out better than last year!
Thanks to all of you who, keep me focused on getting the "general public" and teachers and professionals to see my son as a great kid! I think you know who you are!


Kristi said...

What a blessing! I met with the specialist at Aaron/s school for Young Fives yesterday during the open house and gave her a rundown of Aaron's history and she said she will visit the classroom next week right during the first week of school and begin her observations. I hope we can get him on a good track right away and not have to face hard years of struggles before we figure out his best way to learn. Good for you sticking to your guns and finding the right place for Shane. It sounds like it will be a great year for you both.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! And I like Bethany, too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Stace! I meant to comment yesterday but...well...sorry I didn't! Just wanted to say congrats which feels kind of weird given the circumstances. I did want to say though that I still believe if you get your pediatrician involved with a diagnosis (if it falls that way) of ADHD as soon as possible that later on if you decide they are still not meeting his needs at the school you will have more oomph with the district if you need to put him in another type of school like one of the charters or something and then the district would have to pay for that. If they decide he has outgrown his need for an IEP at anytime in the future and you do not have a medical diagnosis (or potentially a TAG student qualification) they would not be required to pay for him at another type of school. Right now the district is benefitting doubly by receiving funding for him due to his need for an IEP but have no permanent requirement to provide it because there is no actual medical diagnosis and they can decide he doesn't need at any time in the future. Just a word to the wise in preparation for the ongoing battle. Good work my friend. I love you. Me