Sunday, September 6, 2009

nightmares,fences,prayers and new shoes

I don't normally dream, and then remember them--- but
I had a dream last night... no --it was a nightmare...
I dreamed that one of my family, who NEVER emails me--sent me an email that said "I saw my grandson Bob at prison and guess who was right next to him? Your bratty son Shane!"

Okay... there are alot of things wrong with this dream/nightmare...
  1. The family member who supposedly sent the email, doesn't do email.(ever)
  2. That person does not have a grandson named Bob
  3. My son is not bratty
  4. I would know ...ya think... if my son was in prison?

Now... how do I get this out of my head?????

I know I'll have another cup of coffee!


There is a mom, I know-- who has 3 kids, under 4 years old-- and now has a husband who is dealing with depression and a failed suicide attempt... she is a young mom and I don't know how to help her-- I know that she is brokenhearted, in so many ways. -- they are broke and unemployed, the husband will most likely be in the hospital for a while-- How to help? I want to be supportive. Later today we will celebrate her middle child's' 2nd birthday-- I hope the emotions don't overwhelm the day.

I sit her re-reading what I wrote...

and the answer hits me in the head...SWAK.,.. prayer! DUH!


Our neighbors' put up a new fence yesterday, in the drizzle... And as I look at it this morning, I notice that it has a few posts that are crooked... Normally that might bug me some... but then the fence should of been ours to repair,(cause it's on our side). But... we didn't see the need, nor have the money-- The neighbors' decided that they wanted to take on the cost and the labor...They are a retired couple and their yard is the nicest in the neighborhood-- Jerry was home and did help a small amount-- but I really don't think they wanted help. In this economy we are spending our money on food,transportation, and the kids.-- Replacing a fence is too far down the list---I feel bad that the neighbors took on the cost and the labor-- but that was their choice. Now, if I could get over feeling guilty that we didn't help much.

Shane got a postcard in the mail from his new teacher, with a nice note and even a picture of her! Shane was impressed-- and so later today we are going to create a postcard for the teacher... Shane can give it to her, when we see her on Tuesday for our meeting. I created a calendar for Shane so that he could mark off the days until he gets to go to school-- now Jessica is asking for her own calendar also! Maybe~ I'll just buy one at the dollar store ?

Shane needed new shoes and so on Friday, all four of us...invaded the local Payless Shoe Source-- we happened to be in two cars and so Jessica and I were there first... the gentlemen who was working there was trying to be helpful-- asking to measure feet--

Miss Jessica, who knows... EVERYthing, started to tell our life story-- I stopped her and said that we were doing a bit of pre-shopping until the other half got there. I looked out in the parking lot to see Jerry hugging and talking with Shane-- apparently Shane no longer wanted new shoes. I wish that we could purchase things Shane needs without having such a "messy" visit to a store. I believe that Shane was just reacting to change, and probably trying to maniuplate the situation, but just being a part of it-- was hard. As he gets older will these types of trips become easier? I did pre-talk the trip and still Shane melted down--- he wasn't on the floor crying or anything, but Jerry and I had to focus all our energies on Shane-- so that he could pick which shoes he wanted. (I know that if he doesn't get to pick, the meltdown will last longer)

I feel like we got parented... geez!

Any ideas ? suggestions? comments?

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Anonymous said...

Had similar problems with the kids when they needed shoes. A separate trip was required for Aaron so we could concentrate. I usually tried to make it an Aaron time and he started to think of new shoes as a reward. Hard to always do I know. Same goes for alot of things and you can't always. He will learn as he gets older. He'll get better at it Stace and so will you. did get parented. I think that's what it really means anyways. I love you. Me