Monday, August 31, 2009

Irie, my grandson~

Guess who I spent time with today?
My grandson, Irie!
I got to spend about 5 hours holding him,feeding him,burping him,playing with him and I even convinced him to sleep on me, not once but twice!
Awwww, I felt so special !
Shane in true form, was a bit put out that I was babysitting Irie.
Jessica was my super helper, and so for a reward, the kids and I went for a quick walk in the evening--
I think I might have to give more "rewards" tomorrow-- just so that the kids know they are still #1....

(and to answer the question about all the tests-- the school gave those to Shane last year because they thought that Shane "needed" a classification of Autism-- I will know for sure on Wes.-- but I don't think he quailifies.)


HennHouse said...

So beautiful!!

I bet Jessica had a great time being your helper!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm! I love me some baby time! And walking with children in Oregon! The good life.