Monday, August 31, 2009

Words and pictures ?

Jessica LOVES to take the warm clothes out of the dryer, and I love to "let" her.... she bends so much easier than I do--- plus she seems to be really attracted to the dryer.... hheheheheeh

These are some of the words that were used in the report from the school psychologist... after reading them, and then writing them here-- It's like I am describing different members of my family!~
depression~attention problems~adaptability~activities of daily living~hyperactivity~Atypically~ Social Skills~ Leadership~ Functional communication ~ Aggression ~ Conduct Problems~ Anxiety~ Learning problems~ Study skills~
And after reading these I also came
to the conclusion that some, most
of these could be seen in a positive light--
These are the acronyms of the tests that were given...
  • BASC-2
  • KTEA-2
  • GARS-2
  • Sensory Profile
  • Dibels

Fun stuff?


Heather said...

Jessica's haircut is so super cute! Tell her, I love it (not that it will mean much coming from a stranger;)!

HennHouse said...

She is cute...

Those tests... all for Shane?