Sunday, August 30, 2009

Because of ~

Because of my parents selling their camper-trailer via Craigslist
I had to return the keys for the trailer to my Aunt
and because of meeting my Aunt at a local grocery store
The kids and I got to see Ivy -- a really great teacher from Shane's EEP (preschool class...)
Even though I had not seen Ivy in over a year, she had been here at this blog reading and so she knew of all of our recent trials--- It was great to hear that I had some more invisible means of support!
Then when I opened my inbox--
I got to read the draft of the report -- determining if Shane would get the classification of Autism... -- reading it was very ummm.... eye-opening... seeing my scores next to Jerry's and then next to the teachers' on a graph... well that was kinda funny.
It doesn't seem that Shane will receive an IEP, he doesn't fit enough of the criteria! (well...duh!)
The report was 12 pages long-- so I think I will be going back and re-reading every so often.
The very last page had some great recommendations on it --
that seemed to be from...mine own mouth...(lol)
I am almost eager to go to the meeting on Wes, and hear what everyone has to say--- I am praying and hoping for the best... --- cause I am done with the yuck stuff... it's time to move on!

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