Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spending our Saturday...

Spending our Saturday
watching Mister Ed with Jessica
choosing a button that Jessica can sew on some scrap fabric
(I am letting her use really big needles-- I think that is safer?)
listening to Shane drive his little motorcycle all around his room,
and hearing him count as he picks up toys!
trying to figure out if I should start with dishes or laundry
thinking ahead to the week to come~
My 39th is on the first, and am so not excited
our meeting with the school is on Wednesday
(Jerry is annoyed that I even have to go--
he thinks that Shane is just "Shane" and that both Shane and the school just need to adjust...)
My big brother offered me a job--it would mean faster Internet, and making appointments on the phone via skype... I am thinking I want to do this-- but still a bit apprehensive...
can I do a good job, will I enjoy it, and will Shane be in class all day -- so that I can do this job and also still do things around the house?
Yesterday, I spent some time sewing a baby doll quilt...
for a friends' daughter's birthday -(she will be 2, and loves baby dolls) -
Now to see if I can make a dress or night gown for the baby doll...
On the 19th my sister-in-law Danni is going to take my daughter and myself on an overnight backpacking trip.-- Danni is VERY good at backpacking, she relishes in the physical exertion -- I am hoping that I don't embarass myself-- I'll be carrying some of Jessica's gear but-- Danni will be carrying the most and for that I am so greatful... I know I will come back with some super pictures,and maybe a funny blog post or two!, I just hope that I can manage the pain that I know is coming...!
Our kids don't go back to school until the 9th--
I have to confess that I am VERY jealous of those
whose kids are already back to school... wah... wah...
I have a pimple in my nose and it is really annoying... really annoying...
I want to know, what is the trick to taking vitimins in the morning and not burping them up ?

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