Thursday, July 30, 2009

New endeavor for me?

After spending some time searching on-line looking at weighted vests and compression vests; and then speaking with an OT from Therapy Solutions for kids~
I think I am going to try to sew a "motorcycle jacket" for Shane... (maybe by calling it a motorcycle jacket it will get used more than if it's called -- a weighted vest/tool?)
Anyway... I am going to try to visit a scuba shop to look at the weighted vests and belts they have there---
I would love comments and input from any of you who read this.... feel free to pass this post along to others' who might have an opinion about this topic.
The OT at TS for K, said that they would love to see what I come up with and help me with feed-back-- they would even be willing to recommend my...possible skills to other parents who want a weighted vest, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg.
(There is a lady that makes these here in Eugene, but she charges about $100.00 bucks! yikes! )
So... here are some of my goals for this... endeavor...
  • vest made to look similar to real clothing-- or at least like a cool motorcycle jacket
  • what other themes could I come up with? ideas...suggestions???
  • made so that charging $40.00 bucks or so --is good for a bit of profit -- and not so hard on the family budget.
  • made so that it's not noisy...(what to use for weight?-- rice is not heavy enough and too bulky-- shot might work -- but I want to keep the cost of materials down.) Last time I tried to create a vest I used washers-- but they were noisy and more fun to play with.-- I need to sew a sleeve for the washers --so that they don't clink together-- ?
  • maybe I could use material from the Goodwill, St Vinny's -- ? I want to think out of the box --- I would love to see if I could re-purpose to keep costs down.
  • maybe going to the local Army surplus store for raw materials?

Please help me with comments and suggestions~ Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I went to ask my Hubs, but he was asleep. I was thinking of clay sealed (tightly) in (very sturdy) plastic. The moister the clay the heavier it would be. If I think of anything else I'll come back. Barbara

Kristi said...

I will be curios to see how it works. Maybe it will be a tool for Aaron at some point as well.