Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Man that Golfed...and didn't melt!

My husband....Jerry --- went golfing for his work today in the HEAT... 106 degrees!
Normally, he will not let me choose clothes for him... but I found him this shirt at WAlmart... and although I don't much like the strips across.... The material has special wicking abilities... and so he didn't melt in the over 100 degree weather! (that and the wet towel that he wore on his neck, constant water and Gatorade) He even splurged and bought new shorts and then a new hat at the pro-shop... WOW ! This is alot of upgrades for my dear husband!
The kids and I saw Journey to the Center of the Earth... and WOW that was a suspenseful movie... at one point both Jessica and Shane had a hold of my hand and arm and were squeezing.

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