Friday, July 31, 2009

Sewing on the cheap!

I have to admit I am cheap, and I really like stretching a dollar-- here's proof! :)

These were a nice pair of brown corduroy pants, until I walked down a driveway and fell--- they got a rip in one knee-- I thought that I had ruined a good pair of pants... I was wrong! I cut off the part that was riped and then I took the cuff at the bottom and added it back to the part I cut off... and now--- I have Capri's-- Although I think the dark brown corduroy is kinda weird for Capri's -- but, they are comfy!

This was a denim sleeveless shirt-- it had a collar on it with some funky embroidery, I took the collar off and then-- I added the fabric under the arms-- so that instead of being a tailored look --- it would be more comfortable to wear--and not so tight.

This is a top that I found at Walmart for $3.00! I thought that it would fit me... but when I got it home-- it was too small... but I didn't want to let go of a I cut it down the middle back and then added some material that was blue with green frogs on it--- now I can wear it as a Pj top.

(I also heard back from a professional I know, and he is going to look into the idea of a summer sensory camp... -- he might even be willing to help me create and present a proposal! --It may not become a reality for a while-- but it seems as if a door is opening! )


HennHouse said...

There is a difference between cheap and economical... You my friend are economical!

mommyto3duckies said...

way cool! You're so creative :)

cndlnut said...

how are the Pj's coming?